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My site contains adult  material of a graphic and sexual nature and is intended for its viewers to be over 18 years of age.

If you  have stumbled onto my site, be sure that where you live accepts this site and its not inappropriate or illegal, If your not sure, then  please Leave!

By Entering you hereby understand the following :

  • You understand that this site contains Nudity and Adult pictures and that you must be over 19 to enjoy My site / body and panties and if your not mentally mature enough to understand or accept them, you can leave at any time!
  • You understand the site relates to panty fetishes and will not pester or redicule me for the choices I make.
  • You understand that any copying from this site breach’s the copyright and that if caught I will seek legal action.
  • Pictures are not to be altered or re-distributed. If caught imitating or using my material, I will hunt you down!
  • You understand that I may be using a false name. All instances, my body and my panties are all real and are all me.

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