** Update!

Well I’d like to start off saying Hi 🙂 I’m Penelope. If you have read my about me you will know I have been selling my panties since October 2010 and have recently come back from a short Hiatus. I am now back in business and have already sold several panties and picturesets since my return 😀 I thought it was only fair by giving my website a little update and give it a layout change aswell as change some content and pages! I deleted all my old posts and thought I would start Fresh. NEW PANTIES – I had a few buyers over at MUPS talking about thongs so i just got 2 white thongs and 2 black thongs 😀 Also over at PantyHog I have started a new thread where I will be adding HOT HOT guys in panties 🙂 I’m hoping you will add some pictures too like some of the other ladies have already!!! The thread can be found Here. Please if your not a member of either MUPS or PantyHog Join now! They are both excellent Panty Communitys!


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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