Morals VS Trying something new

Evening all πŸ™‚

I’d just like to point out that as of late most of my blogs are actually being typed earlier in the day while im at work haha, I have the luxury of working behind a computer all day. Granted I have to keep minimizing the screen when I take bets ( I work as deputy manager of a betting shop ) So it can be hard to keep a flow going ..and to keep a dry pair of panties at work depending on what Im typing about!. Whats the weirdest place you have blogged from / typed up a blog. I can just see KK now while eating her star burst and oddly intreaging sandwiches behind her work desk tapping away! πŸ˜€

So Morals –

I think many of us sellers had morals set out when we joined the site or first starting wearing panties. I know I did. I had said to myself the longest I would wear a pair for is 2 days, and now 3 days is my favorite time for wearing as well as most common asked of me! It was amazing how easily my choice to only wear 2 days shifted to 3, and conversely other things. It would start off by someone asking me if it was something I did or if it was an extra I could do and even now get asked things that I haven’t been asked ( like wearing white panties under tights – sorry stew i really will buy a pair soon once pay day comes haha ) I guess we set out with these guidelines and limitations to keep a level playing field. Its almost a rule we make to ourselves so that we draw a line and intend not to cross it.

Trying something new –

I get asked about extras, picture sets, videos all the time. sometimes it’s not something i have thought of. Some sellers just stick to wearing panties and pictures, some offer extras such as peeing, spit, perfume, stuffing, cream pie and the list really does go on. So what if yo set your morals out but then someone asks you to try something new? Do you say no and not bother trying? Or do you try and it has now become a regular thing you perform / offer to customers? Reason i broach subject, I have been asked by a customer who i wont name to do videos and pictures with another sellers panties.

Now the idea has never really crossed my mind that :

  • 1 – I would even get pleasure from receiving such an item
  • 2 – That i would then use that item to wank
  • 3 – I guess the idea of an item coming from another woman has never really been my fetish.

It was only after being asked that i thought.. well.. yeah actually I would sniff / lick another girls panties. I smell and taste my own, I wonder if i would enjoy another womans? Maybe not on a sexual way but on a wow its a sexy item from someone else that i can use to get me off kinda way ( if that makes sense?)


  • I wonder if this is normal?
  • Has anyone tried another sellers panties?
  • How was your experience?
  • Did they treat you like a customer?

I guess once i find out what it is exactly he would like – I believe perhaps several videos of me using the other sellers panties to masturbate with with either pictures of videos – I guess id have to make sure the seller selling me their panties are ok with me then showing pictures of me using them. Im sure it would be kinda hot to know another girl is getting off to them but still, I could see some maybe not really wanting to be a part of it. I think if the experience went well i would try again, But would i get treated like a customer? or like another seller? I have already been asking several trusted individuals of girls with a ” sweet ” taste and who happen to leave a nice visual stain. These are my fav kind panties that I make, so i can imagine i would like something similar. As long as the person getting the videos and pictures from me actually LIKES the panties i wonder if i would get a full choice… There are several sellers that Have panties I would LOVE to own let alone smell. Polly always has pretty pairs, Hazel too!.. Some pairs i know come from primark, others such as la senza i cant wear myself so then do i wanna pick a seller that is larger like myself so that i could even wear the panties after? haha as you can see It really is almost opening a new path for me with selling – the aspect of buying a pair from another seller myself. and obviously the new types of pictures id be able to sell if i had the panty sellers permission.

oh god what if They made a video for me in the panties.. and then i got them and made a video for THEM with my panties and sent them.. then we BOTH did a video of us getting the others panties and wanking with them.. thats like an epic 4 videos of 4 different masturbating sessions and a whole bunch of pictures along the way of packaging, licking and sniffing.. i don’t know about you but it sounds so exciting hahaha. Id be interested to hear thoughts of others on the matter. and any sellers who think they might be interested in my little experiment – even if only a little please feel free to make mention in a comment or even Private msg me πŸ™‚

WELL i guess i better actually do some work now. I look forward to posting this πŸ™‚ MUCH LOVE ALL – Im off to make a video for editing and pimping out your profile πŸ™‚

HUNKY MAN DAY number 4! –


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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  1. Actually, that sounds like a neat idea. I’m not sure if I’d wear someone else’s stained panties though. Like panty swap/world tour or something. I would love to ship my Hello Kitty panties around and see how that worked. lol

    As far as selling and limits…I don’t know. I’ve not sold any yet and due to a change in my living situation, it might be a while longer before I can even post pictures again. I will say that I told myself I would never do period panties, but I did post some for sale online. So…it does kind of shift I guess. But it’s probably more as a way to see “am I really comfortable with this?”

  2. im on the line on wearing anothers panties. It would have to be a trusted seller. Id have to make sure things were packaged perfectly and only worn a day and shipped first class so i could start wearing them asap.

    I Would however try another sellers panties to sniff and possibly taste should they meet my requirements haha, then if they were a big girl like me, then i think after i had enjoyed them i would wash them and wear them like my own! πŸ™‚

    You say you haven’t sold any yet . forgive me im not sure if i know you or if you had so kindly just commented but were in the panty scene. The best place to get started is Its a great community to sell and buy used items. Mostly panties. You can make a profile and blog on the site, Upload pictures and videos, and obviously chat to others with the same feitish. There is a place for you to put your panty sales and voila πŸ™‚ its just a case of being active and you will get a sale.

    Also there is the possibility of Applying for your Panty Trust. visit and you will read all about it there. Being PT verified shows sellers your honest and reliable. Some buyers wont buy from anyone who is not PT verfied! πŸ™‚
    I hope to see you around my comments more ! Its nice knowing someone is reading ahaha xx

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