Sunday :D


Hey all 🙂

I hope some of you UK’ers enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day today.Im typing this at 2pm, Gutted I was at work all day but i did catch up on some great reading haha and obviously typing this blog to save me doing it at home!

I have to say despite previous negative comments about working in this new shop and the way it was dealt with. After speaking with red ( the lovely roger ) getting his great advice its safe to say im going to keep my head down and just crack on with it. It does have some benefits and I really am enjoying working with my best friend. – check out this adorable note she left me on FRIDAY in the safe and i only just saw it! haha

( thought it was cool as DV was talking about notes in her post last night! haha )

I can’t speak for anyone else but for me this week has flown past! What with the new working environment hours have been alot different for me as i find i was working many late nights. I have tried to be active and post blogs and comment on both Panty Hog and Mups and updating my Own blog away from here. I still have a HUGE todo list in regards to things i want to get done. I still have many pairs of panties to put up for auction here. Its not a huge task but its a bit of a time vampire 🙂

Then i totally want to make a group on mups for the Penelope lovers. After doing the poll for buy one get one free panties, i figure people wont always want to hear if im doing sales of if special auctions are going up, so if i get a group going, anyone who is a fan or would like to be notified on such matters can join and then i can send out messages from the group.

I want to upload a gallery of private pictures all of me, my panties, special pictures not for everyones eyes, but am unsure if i want to do it just in the group or perhaps just on my own site. Then once thats done I was thinking about msging dino for a website review – and check out other adult website review pages.

lol the thing about lists is once you start making one.. i always find i just keep adding and not crossing anything off! hahaha.

I was delighted with how many people replied about the Morals VS Trying Something New. It was interested to see Most sellers aside one or two were quite happily to slightly alter what they were willing to do for customers. If anything I think its great we have a wide variety of people on here. Not only something for everyone but people who stick to one ..for lack of a better word ” genre ” in the panty business. Its easy to get caught up with offering more and making it more complicated. I think its great sellers simply just wear and sell their panties! The basic and yet effective way to enjoy this fetish! i can see how sometimes adding extras can distract away from the fetish slightly, but equally can see the plus effect for a business choice.

To go in a little bit more detail now, I think after speaking to the seller the whole realm of wearing another sellers panties might not be as easy as 1,2,3. If you think of all people on your friends list, ( guys think of the ladies, and ladies think of the ladies also ) would you buy a pair from them? well yeah 99% of them!.. but would you ENJOY a pair from them? you would wanna find out how they prepare them.. haha thats when for us sellers, we become buyers. I have had no experience being a buyer at mups. All the questions im asked daily, i find im going to want to ask another seller.

I think before i go forward with my lovely mystery buyer I shall buy a pair of my own from a seller. I will look at panties, preparation, and ultimately the end result. For me i don’t want to have a bad experience so if i just start off with 1 day wear with 1 masturbation in it and perhaps just a little video of her preparing them for me. At this present time i think id like it to be a UK girl just for speed, although i already know of some tempting American girls i wouldn’t mind trying 😛

Should someone wish to do a panty swap id be interested, however id be happy to pay for a pair. Id quite like to see a picture or 2 of what a usual 1 days wear would look like with 1 masturbation if they could provide it. if not, just an honest detail on how i could expect my chosen pair of panties. AND because id like to blog about my experience, they would have to not mind me showing a picture. I guess that sounds like alot. But who knows if i were to enjoy the experience it could be made into a double auction should the other seller be interested in my panties. 😀

I think thats the best way so that i wont be disappointing my buyer with a product i wont fully enjoy. If i do enjoy it then ill know that A – i can forfil his order and B – i might like other girls panties 😀

Lastly – I have never been shy about my fetish for seeing men in underwear and i have started sharing my love with you. with a picture a day of a sexy man in panties / dress up.

today will be no different! hahaha 😀


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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