Alertpay FAKE email / Phishing Scam!

Phishing Scam for Alertpay I recieved last night.

 Firstly I want to point out for a second even I was fooled so please just take a moment to read this info about how phishing works and look at the picture of my email underneath for some tips that you can do to avoid getting your details and passwords stolen.

HOW DOES PHISHING WORK? ( text taken from here )

Normally when a person is being phished, they will receive an email or an instant message from the scammer requesting them to provide certain personal details which they need to enter onto a particular website. The link for the website address (URL) that the scammer is using will be contained within the email or instant message that has been sent to you. This email or message will look very much like it from the real company complete with company logo and (almost) the correct website link.

Once the link is clicked on, you will be directed to their site which although it may look like the real thing is actually a fake. However there are now some scammers that rather than getting you to enter your details onto a website that they are running are asking you to phone them directly. Often what you think is a call to a local number in your area is often being redirected to a number abroad. So not only are you providing them with your personal details you are also running up a hefty phone bill for yourself as well.

Certainly this type of scheme for gaining a person’s personal information is gaining in popularity as it is an easy way for these people to get what they want. Once this has occurred often the victim does not realise until much later that they have been a victim of such a scam. Generally in most cases a person will only realise that they have been part of a phishing scam when they start to have problems in relation to obtaining loans or they start to find that their bank or credit card account limits are way beyond what they would normally expect them to be.

However there are ways in which a person can prevent themselves from becoming a victim of such a scam. Certainly today one of the best ways is to put some good quality anti phishing software on to their computer and also if they do receive any emails or instant messages that they are unsure of to directly contact the company that has supposedly contacted them with regard to the matter that has arisen. Look up the proper phone number or website url on the paperwork you receive from the company. Certainly when it comes to how does phishing work, in the future it is best that you keep yourself up to date with all the latest news on the subject and remain aware that at any stage you could become a victim.

Now if you  look at the image below, I have included the URL above it, so you can see it full size.

Firstly – If you notice straight away I have circled the ” from ” sender in my yahoo. It comes up Alertpay. Even after I clicked on it to show me the actual email it came up with ”” naturally i know some emails we get are just a generic one to let us know about offers and you can’t always message back so having a no reply made it look real.

Secondonly – The subject – ” your alertpay acount may be at risk!”  Thinking about it now in the morning instead of 1am when i saw it.. YES i panicked thinking oh no not again! someone tried this weeks ago, and i got up and went straight to the computer and quickly spammed mups encase anyone saw it or got an email and was still up lol ( couldnt of done all this typing in a sleey haze ). Im pretty sure a company wouldn’t be so unprofessional as to write that when dealing with peoples funds.

Thirdly – Reading the special they give us ” your account has been at risk ” – That actually happens with alertpay. and if you were to log into you would see text in red at the top telling you, you need to verify certain details so your account can be enabled. You would be emailed by someone personally and it would have their name at the bottom from a customer services team from alertpay. It would say the information you would need to give. The last time i did it, ( the other week ) I was asked for the last transaction I did, not just whats my pin.

Lastly – The link they have provided in the email looks FINE on the outside BUT if you hover over it in the lower left corner it comes up where the link will direct you to, which is infact NOT  The website they send you to has been fabricated to look like alertpay and instead will take your details and then use them later

This has been posted on the Mups Forums and Panty Hog Forums so i hope people get to read this!

Any other questions or if you are EVER unsure – please check with a MOD or PK at MUPS or even an experienced seller and make sure the site is legit!



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