Who Know’s Your Selling panties?

One of the topics people are always interested in is who knows your secret?

For the buyers – Who knows you have a draw full of panties ? For the sellers – Who knows you sell panties?

Well my list just got alot bigger. In a rather unusual and funny way. About another 12 people to add to the already large number of about 10 ish, know I now sell my used panties along with other things.

On my day off the other day I went into town and popped into my local Ann Summers. Now for many of you who knew me at Christmas just gone, I may have told you I was working in there just as a temp. It was only a few extra days as I already had another job!

The people there were fabulous and I had such a great time working there. They had said should a job become available full time they would give me a call! So anyway, it has been a while since I have popped in as I usually get alot of my panties from in there. I went in and said my hellos to the girl near the front and passed the security guard, his whole mean ass kicking look faded into a warm smile and I returned the smile and carried on looking around with my friend.

I was on the lookout for a spanking paddle and something for a sissy order that I’m doing when some of the staff i worked with came over and hugged me – we exchanged our hello’s and one of the girls was smiling.. the security guard was calling my name so i turned round and he was signaling for me to come over ..so i went over and he was like ” I love your site, it looks really good ” i was like.. ” oh… thanks ” so taken back.. HOW THE HELL DID HE GET ON MY SITE? haha So i took it all in my stride and smiled and thanked him and act like it was no big thing but i could feel my cheeks getting flushed, so i went back over to my friend who was introducing herself to my old work friends and they were like ” yeah we know too ” i was like.. really? … i mean you have to laugh.. if you don’t, you will cry right? So i proceeded to stand there with this look of sheer panic.

– Id like to say a side note here. I’m not really fussed people knowing i have a panty fetish. Nor do i care if they know i sell them to people. I think its the fact if people don’t understand something, they are more likely to think negatively about it. I mean.. anyone could sell panties, I worry they may think like ” i wonder how long she wears them for ” and then think of a hygiene aspect of it. especially since i worked there. Its just not a nice thought.

SO the only thing i did was laugh and smile and say how much i enjoyed doing it and it gave me some extra money in my back pocket. they all laughed and i just wanted to die. One of them chimed in and was like ” once we all found out, we wished we thought of it first! “.

I had to ask how they found out.. and boy did i wish i hadn’t asked.

One of the guys working there had come across it. His friend had asked him ” what is bondage tape for anyway?” and he googled it and one of the images that popped up was lil ole me… wrapped up in bondage tape.. all naked for the eye to see. Just to picture the look on his face is priceless.. like ” HEY WAIT I WORKED WITH THAT GIRL ” or.. ” OMG… I… I THINK I KNOW HER” haha.. it makes me chuckle. obviously told the rest of them ( thanks mate ) and i bet they have just been waiting for me to come in!

Either way , they were pretty chill about it, I told them they would be in a blog and they took it all in good fun. It was so weird them knowing. There is actually a job going their for assistant manager but I’m unsure if ill get it. haha Lets hope my panty selling wont put them off!



About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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