Update :D

Hey all readers, How are we?

It’s weird when i write my posts, I always wonder who is going to read them – if anyone. Over the (almost) year I have been selling panties I have only ever had a few subscriptions to my blog so I know people read it. But never many comments. A new welsh friend on twitter reads it.. haha As he always Im’s me several minutes later complimenting the picture i put up etc.

A part of me would love to do like a pic every day and a blog update everyday.. but.. don’t get me wrong, i think im pretty cool, but not interesting enough to blog everyday and i just don’t have the time! Perhaps i need to make the time!

I put alot of me into my site. So its not just Hardcore sales. Yes i push my sales but nowhere near as much as i could. I try and be myself on here, and after recently helping a new member on panty trust with her site, she even said that my site is very unique and its very me! 😀

I have several things lined up at the moment. I’m currently working on my new site. Its still going to be penelopespanties.com, Though a friend / panty fan has decided to host me! He has been a Gem with setting me up with his hosting and at the end of it, will have a lovely custom made layout That i designed ( but he is doing all the hard work making it into a bespoke Theme ), along with my very own e commerce shopping cart so I will be able to take more methods of payment. I always think it makes it look more professional having a shopping cart. Its easier then forms that i have up currently, so will be excited to have a play and get that all going!

Once the new bespoke theme is up, ill be adding some new pages. I already have up a free Gallery. was thinking of adding a more X rated gallery, Perhaps ill do a membership, where you can pay a fee and get to see uncensored close up pictures of.. well, everything! Ill add new content and it will be pretty much every picture I have ever taken for my site / sales and then some! What do you think?

Also, doing offers have increased my sales and my wearing calender! For 2 months I have been fully booked! How great is that?! The current offers will be ending and new offers will go up instead. Don’t worry, there will be something for everyone 🙂 My que is till the 21st now! At the moment im doing a group competition at MUPS. Each week i paint my nails a colour out of over 30 nail varnishes. All the groups members gets to comment and guess what colour im wearing, If they do, they get FREE PANTIES 😀 haha. Have been doing it for almost 3 weeks! We have had 2 lucky winners in the last 2 weeks, so lets hope someone has guessed the colour this week or it will roll over!

I really want to give more love into my site. As of late, I make the majority of my sales via http://www.myusedpantystore. (( For any upcoming seller who is reading this JOIN! It will be the best thing you ever did! )) So what with my new layout to come and some new features and pages, I hope to get more panty fans soon! Perhaps join some other panty blogs so we can all comment each other.

I have also  been helping out A new panty trust member build a website. It was pretty fun showing her how to do things and i know she was trying hard to remember it all so fingers crossed she carrys on with her hard effort and has a lovely blog to show for it.

I have finished taking all the screen shots for the basic website tutorial. I have about 60 ish screen shots that i need to go back over, circle and ring and label before i upload them and then write the actual tutorial! I could be really vague and then have more people ask questions. This guide is for a complete novice. Someone with no concept of how to make a website will be able to follow my guide! ( I hope ). Then once its up I can go into more detail with tips and tricks etc. Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

well im off out this evening so time to shower and get ready. Im wearing some special panties this evening, So im looking forward to dancing around in them and having alot of fun, on and off the dance floor!!! 😀



About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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  1. Hi am the Welsh ‘friend’ from twitter Penny is talking about I like to to chat to her and she always finds time for me she lets me bang on about anyting and everything I first saw her on twitter on a page of a other friend I was a bit scared of twiting her because I was thinking a girl was such big deep eyes would tell me to piss off! I could not have been more wrong! I like to read Pennys blogs I was shocked when she talked about me it was a nice suprise I like to look at the gallery with her non naked pics that are just as sweet as the sexy slutty ones with her deep brown eyes and the cute smile my mind just melts or the super slutty hot ones like her tie up with bondage tape I love that a lot to the panties stuffed right up her pussy soaking up all her wetness I will stop banging on now! so the thing to think of gays and gals is Penny is a sweet dirty girl and will always help you so come on people post some comments please I know Penny would love them

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