Fun day off!

Hey Readers, Been having some fun in Alasdairs Leopard Print panties but heres a lil pic of me enjoying Ians ;x Do you guys like seeing these kind of pics? Perhaps ill make a really large gallery you can sign upto as i have HUNDREDS of pictures like this from when i take pictures for you!

So my day was busy but fun. A Friend Ross was telling be about these Ben Wa balls? I could wear them at work and get soaking so i took a look and was soooooo excited to get a new toy. I was hoping I could find something i could put inside me for the day to help drench my panties, perhaps see how many times i could cum in them!

I know alot of my customers would be interested in a days wear of panties where i have been soaking all day!! So with that in mind i saw this 10 speed vibrating egg with a remote control!

I just know im going to have SO much fun wearing this bad boy on a pair of panties, so cant wait for that to come!

Also i ordered these pretty nail varnises from amazon that i got with some of these vouchers!

They are SO cute and i cant wait to wear them. It will have to be on my feet untill my panty game is over so im sure once they arrive ill post up a lil pic. Any requests what colour?

I also got 2 Tigi Hair products for when i do my hair. As some of you may know im actually a qualified hairdresser so im always changing my hair and making sure its in good condition. Its naturally curly but i dont like it so i straighten it so I got 2 products to help take that frizz and product it agains the heat etc.

Im Now booked up till the end of the month. Im really sorry as part of me feels bad but, all my customers are getting a great service and I encourage any of them that arn’t mailing me, pop me an email while your waiting! ill keep you entertained and will communicate with you while your waiting and even after, though i will admit i have been super busy, I will still email back!

Well, Off to carry on with my site tutorials!

LOVE TO YOU ALL 🙂 – Comments are loved! x


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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  1. Glad to see your day off was well spent I love to see your panties stuffed in your pussy but what would be even better is if they were right in there deep inside you making them soaking wet and love to see the final results of that in a pic or two! dripping needing to be rang out because they are so wet If you want something deep in you all day hows about a butt plug right up your ass? hiding it with a pair of hot panties making you wetter and wetter and horny as you go about your work with it deep in you sitting on it streaching your hole it makes you want to go and play with yourself every hour inside the staff toilet wanting to let all your hard work flow out of you trying to keep your moaning down so your workmates do not hear you! you settle for a bit of pussy play slipping your fingers inbettween those moist lips of your tasting you fingers when your done and back to work with a horny dirty smile on your face but the best thing is that the plug is still deep in you waiting for you to get home and open the flood gates to soak the panties of the day try it you might like it!

    • i have never had anything up my ass! i actually got a butt plug to try but… i just cant bring myself to do it. It freaks me out lol. Im sure its great but yea, its an almost turn off for me.
      As i work on my own in my wordplace i cant just go to the toilet every hour haha thats why its great having this little egg! I can wear some panties all day with this egg on all day and i bet the results would be amazing!!!!!

      but yea – no butt plug lol

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