weekend blog

hey all!

Hope your having a lovely weekend so far!

I have been SO crazy busy lately, and oh have I been enjoying me some panties! haha.

These just looked to yummy not to share with you! haha  😀 I just know he will love them!

I have been really tired lately, so i do appologise for the lack of updates, haha dont get me wrong, i dont have something good to say everyday but every now and then something happens and its good to update about it.

I guess for this post the main update is about MUPS, or myusedpantystore.com. It really is, hands down the best community for buying and selling used items. I have been a member almost a year at the start of next month. The year has flown by. I have recently been volunteering at the site and at panty trust which has been alot of fun. It’s great to be a part of something bigger. Alot of the ladies im now working with have been doing it YEARS and its nice to have people who know what there doing and how to treat their customers and guiding others.

Ross has also started volunteering, He was my first customer and were great friends, and after we started volunterring, we made a group on the site called Mups Chat. The site itself has a chatroom that in my opinion doesn’t get used as often as it should… until recently 😀

We have started doing hosted chats so that there is both a male and female in there to ” attract ” other sellers and buyers into coming along and getting to know one another. Hosting several themed evenings like ” kink night ” and ” newbie night “. We had 16 people in the chat room the other night, it was amazing! haha lots of webcams on and lots of encouragement from viewers!

The other update is about my sales. I have been fully booked the past 3 months now, haha by the time i finish my que, it builds back up again, so thankyou to all the patient men that are now enjoying my panties :D. I hope to hear from you soon on if you enjoyed them! 😀

ALSO I plan on opening a members gallery. At the moment i just have a mini gallery where I know alot of you go and enlarge my pictures SO, figured you might like to join and become a member and see alot more of me.. as in.. ALL of me.

The members gallery will be a 1month subscription, The fee is still undecided but it will contain HUNDREDS of pictures of me, ranging from full body shots, close up pussy shots, creampie shots, shaved pussy shots, hairy pussy shots, masturbation, nipple play, breasts shots, face shots, feet shots, panty shots, ass shots, Pee shots, Scat shots.. penelope in costumes like her maid outfit, bondage tape and nipple tassles, even NEVER SEEN BEFORE pictures. Basicaly YOU name it and it will be up there. There will be new pages avaliable to these members where they can go to specific genres of pictures and look at them all as much as they desire. Pretty much EVERY single picture I have ever taken will be up there for these members to view and save. Not to mention everytime I have a sale and i take pictures for that sale, they will get updated straight away to the site and you will be propted when new images arrive.

concidering the average lady charges say £2 a picture, for 20 pictures thats £40 straight away Now imagine paying say £50 for over 500 pictures? Most of them bigger then 1000×1000! For men that enjoy my body, this will be perfect as there will even be a request page. where once you have subscribed for 3 months or longer, you can simply request pictures you want and ill upload them! That way ensuring you get to see what youw ant to see!

So hence why my pictures are down at the moment, im watermarking all of the panties and then getting together a private gallery.

well, there my huge updates. Payday soon EEE, i need to go do some panty shopping, And london ladies wish to go panty shopping with me? Would be a great day out! hahaha


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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  1. Can tell you had a busy fun weekend every picture tells a story a very messy sweet cum filled one. I think its good you always seem to help people and are keen to make new “friends”. Its good to am not the only one who gets off on used panties note to self need to save money to buy panties to open them up and turn myself on make my meat hard. Wrapping a nice big pair of cotton fullbacks round my cock and then slipping them on and feeling the cotton agaist my ass and with my meat throbbing sticking out the side! mmmmmmmm. Maybe an xmas gift to myself. Members gallery what a fab idea you know Penny that those bondage pics get me in the mood! with you all tie up and those helpless eyes waiting for cock. Love to see you in a maids outfit hell yes maybe pvc you serving us with our panty needs. Or even take our temperature as a sexy nurse when we pick up your panties that are begging to be opened. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have a hard choice panties or pics? mmmmmm Happy panty shopping to you I think should have a helping hand from one special sexy London girl maybe? I have talked to long now sweet onesx

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