new order :D

So i have a new pair of panties that I purchased the other day and a new bra and panties set that i got today. I Had ordered some stuff online and it was too big, so i returned it in the store and i saw these panties and then the bra and i just knew they had to come home with me. They are the most expensive pair I think I have purchased… but oh my they are so damn hot!!!!! They are a black silk and lycra with a beautiful design on the bra and panties… gah i cant wait till i have no orders so i can wear them.. BUT – here is a sneaky peak at what they look like on!
and here are the others! These are almost like a strechy thickish lycra.. like a bikini bottoms or something…. but HOLY SHIT are they comfy ( so much so i got 2 paris so i can keep one! ) .. totally think i have a thing for polka dots haha.
So How have you all been? Good I hope! I have been working on my pages each evening trying to do a bit of work. My panty page is now done, thoughย my draw seems like it has more in it, so When im off on sunday Im going to just do a count and make sure i havent missed any out or equally if i still have panties up that have been sold.
Aside that I have been working on the gallery. I already have it up and running, im just sorting through all my pics and uploading them on! I have made it a private gallery so only members who sign up with wordpress and who i give permission to can view it, so a member can sign up, and get access, and once the month(s) are up, i he doesn’t renew it, then ill remove the person and the he wont be able to see it ๐Ÿ™‚
It will be lauched once all my current images are all up and the pages are all done and in place, and if i time it right, i will be able to launch it at some point next month to celebrate my YEAR of selling.. !!!!!

About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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  1. Love Love LOVE them! x

  2. Those are some hella sexy undies, the new gallery sounds a little bit exciting too! ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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