HD pen!

Evening all 😀

What a great day! I started off with a series of very VERY naughty texts with a special someone who I have been getting to know more and more. He is such a sweetheart! He purchased a black thong of mine and was so very kind to allow me to watch him enjoy them. He opened the package on cam for me and i swear i was blushing and grinning like a kid! Then when he took them to his face and smelt them ..omg it was so hot. He licked them and let his tounge glide over the gusset, it was like watching him lick my pussy but better… so with all that in mind sending dirty texts this morning, suffice to say my panties are well and truly soaked!

So a few excited things in the pipeline this week!

The new panties purchased are now up on the panty page at the top above the others!

Also I will be adding a ” Items for Sale” page with a drop down of things you can purchase when i get home! So now there will be a Panties, Shoes, Stockings and outfits page. I only have one or 2 items for the other pages but hey, thats a start right? 🙂 Have had a customer asking about stockings and shoes and Thought it was bad if i have them here and not up on my site! – Also what with ordering my Clone-a-pussy a week ago, it should be here in a few days, so i might have to put up a ” misc.” page where i have pussy pops and a mould of my pussy! I have ordered 2 but im sure one is going to go to my special someone so that will leave 1 up for grabs. If more of you show interest I might get another couple 😛

Secondly, While typing this at work, The mail man just dropped me off a lovely package! Since started the new Private gallery, I have posted up over 1500 pictures, some were taking on my Pentex Camera and some on my laptop webcam! Now the webcam isnt that great in regards to picture. Its fine for going on cam, but for detail, its pretty pants. I had recently made a pee’ing video for a customer and was really upset with the result, SO i figured as i wanted to start doing more videos and take even more pictures, Id get a better webcam, and im pleased to say, it looks fucking awesome! I got a Microsoft Livecam Studio webcam. Its got FULL 1080p HD sensor which is suppose to be epic for video quality. Its also get this truecolour technology which gives a brighter, more crisp picture!!! So im hoping to do alot of close up pussy masturbating videos with this beauty!!!

ANDDD this leads me perfectly onto my 2 dates this week!

So Tuesday, Im meeting up with a fellow seller. yes, You guessed it. Its Doctor Thong! haha YAY!! She is such a sweetie, and along with being panty trust verified also, her panties, are pretty fucking delicious if i do say so myself! So anyway, we live pretty close to each other, so decided to go panty shopping together, Snap a few pictures out and about etc etc, But we thought, hey… its almost halloween, perhaps we could do something special for our fans and on Mups ( myusedpantystorecom) So were planning on getting several pairs of matching panties and wearing them together in a sale for you, one pair from her, one pair from me.. both worn and sent off to you for double that pleasure !!! BUT WAIT!!! – Theres more!! Seeing as its halloween, it wouldnt be fair if this wasnt a special sale, and we just didnt think it was special enough, so we decided to do Trick or Treats with it. You will get to pick from several tricks and several treats… If you do the tricks, You get the treats!!! Lets just say, that Dr Thong and i, will be coming back to my flat to take some pictures, what with my new special cam and all.. Im sure the more tricks you do, the more treats you will get 😛

THEN ( as if meeting up with 1 lady isnt enough who shares the fetish )

In the evening were going for drinks with Dishlem who is a buyer from Mups 😀 Totally cant wait!!!!!! Gonna have to have several pictures me thinks 😀

Then on Wed im sure after recovering from Tues, Im gonna be meeting Dishlem up london for dinner, ill be wearing my batman satin pair of panties for him on tues night while we dance the night away, and then on wed all day till the evening, Have a lovely meal, several laughs im sure and will sneak off into the loo to wrap up the pair and hand give them to him wrapped up.

Im pretty fucking excited to tell you the truth, and the idea of hand giving anyone my panties is pretty immense to me. Its such an intimate thing … i usually have a lil process i do at home too so it will be weird like. walking into the toilets and whipping them off and then going home at the end of the night with no panties. hmm perhaps ill bring a spare pair hahahaha. Usually after ive worn a pair, ill seal them up with my vacuum sealer and then wrap them up in tissuepaper , then tie them with ribbon, Then make them a hand made card then pop it all in an envelop but.. i guess i wont need an envelope… ill just have to wrap them up…. But will he go to the toilet like right away with them? will he wait and savour them till he is at home? lol or maybe ill just drag him into the toilets with me and let him peel them off 😛

So after my 2 eventful days off, I can only assume ill be taking lots of pictures and videos with my new shiny cam * strokes * haha

well its time I get back to work.. well the shops dead so perhaps a quick fingering session in the toilet as im still soaked from earlier and then back to work 😛


About Penelope

Hi, My name is Penelope, I'm a 25 year old BBW Buxom Goddess with a fetish for Used Panties, and other Used items. I offer My Used goods, Camshows, videos and Picturesets and some other special extras.

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