Now before you find the pair you like, here is how I prepare each pair of panties you request:

So, After 24 hours/ 48 hours of a normal day, my panties will have a light musky sexy smell to them, a slight hint of sweat and a slight scent of bum, The perfect for the quick fix, the scent to drive you wild, the kind of smell that gets you hard with a single whiff!

After 72 hours, you have the perfect pair of panties to get you through the week. A beautiful stain with the most sexual smell. It will linger on the panties allowing you enough time to lick, suck, fuck and cum all over them!

After 96 hours you are likely to get a Nice big dirty stain in the panties, with a soggy gusset where it has absorbed all my jucies over the days! You can request me to masturbate in them to get the extra wet succulent, cummy ultimate panty!

After 120 hours (known as the 120 hour creamfest) you will be getting the very dirtiest sexiest, crustiest pair of panties. The gusset will be coated in my days of jucies, the scent will drive you crazy with desire and will keep you cumming day in and day out till you have had enough of my filthy knickers! If you are a nice Dirty Man/Women and wish to get the ultimate extra, You can request my boyfriend to Cum inside me afer sex and then I masturbate with your choice panties on so that you get BOTH of our sticky cum’s soaking into the fabric! YUM!

To find more details about extra’s and what I can do to make your panties as Personal as you desire and to get an idea of prices, Go to the order form page.

Every single pair has only be worn for a few minutes to take a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. After I have worn them for your requested time (after doing any extra’s for you if you requested any) I carefully vaccum seal them in an airtight bag to keep the freshness and then package it up in a decorative tissue paper, one of the many personal extra’s you get with your order,  along with a hand made thankyou card, which I think go to show just the kind of care and time i dedicate to the order and to YOU as the customer! Then I Ship it out to you in a discrete bubble-wrapped brown paper envelope.

What turns me on most is when a man wants to wear my panties to excite himself. The idea of a man licking, sucking or fucking my panties thinking of me, gets me so wet. The idea he would be getting off on my little fingers swirling and twirling around in my tight little shaved pussy in my pictures, Is super Hot!!!

The Panties For Sale!

Please click here to go to the order form page once you know what panties you want.

Please click here to go to the order form page once you know what panties you want.

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