HD pen!

Evening all πŸ˜€

What a great day! I started off with a series of very VERY naughty texts with a special someone who I have been getting to know more and more. He is such a sweetheart! He purchased a black thong of mine and was so very kind to allow me to watch him enjoy them. He opened the package on cam for me and i swear i was blushing and grinning like a kid! Then when he took them to his face and smelt them ..omg it was so hot. He licked them and let his tounge glide over the gusset, it was like watching him lick my pussy but better… so with all that in mind sending dirty texts this morning, suffice to say my panties are well and truly soaked!

So a few excited things in the pipeline this week!

The new panties purchased are now up on the panty page at the top above the others!

Also I will be adding a ” Items for Sale” page with a drop down of things you can purchase when i get home! So now there will be a Panties, Shoes, Stockings and outfits page. I only have one or 2 items for the other pages but hey, thats a start right? πŸ™‚ Have had a customer asking about stockings and shoes and Thought it was bad if i have them here and not up on my site! – Also what with ordering my Clone-a-pussy a week ago, it should be here in a few days, so i might have to put up a ” misc.” page where i have pussy pops and a mould of my pussy! I have ordered 2 but im sure one is going to go to my special someone so that will leave 1 up for grabs. If more of you show interest I might get another couple πŸ˜›

Secondly, While typing this at work, The mail man just dropped me off a lovely package! Since started the new Private gallery, I have posted up over 1500 pictures, some were taking on my Pentex Camera and some on my laptop webcam! Now the webcam isnt that great in regards to picture. Its fine for going on cam, but for detail, its pretty pants. I had recently made a pee’ing video for a customer and was really upset with the result, SO i figured as i wanted to start doing more videos and take even more pictures, Id get a better webcam, and im pleased to say, it looks fucking awesome! I got a Microsoft Livecam Studio webcam. Its got FULL 1080p HD sensor which is suppose to be epic for video quality. Its also get this truecolour technology which gives a brighter, more crisp picture!!! So im hoping to do alot of close up pussy masturbating videos with this beauty!!!

ANDDD this leads me perfectly onto my 2 dates this week!

So Tuesday, Im meeting up with a fellow seller. yes, You guessed it. Its Doctor Thong! haha YAY!! She is such a sweetie, and along with being panty trust verified also, her panties, are pretty fucking delicious if i do say so myself! So anyway, we live pretty close to each other, so decided to go panty shopping together, Snap a few pictures out and about etc etc, But we thought, hey… its almost halloween, perhaps we could do something special for our fans and on Mups ( myusedpantystorecom) So were planning on getting several pairs of matching panties and wearing them together in a sale for you, one pair from her, one pair from me.. both worn and sent off to you for double that pleasure !!! BUT WAIT!!! – Theres more!! Seeing as its halloween, it wouldnt be fair if this wasnt a special sale, and we just didnt think it was special enough, so we decided to do Trick or Treats with it. You will get to pick from several tricks and several treats… If you do the tricks, You get the treats!!! Lets just say, that Dr Thong and i, will be coming back to my flat to take some pictures, what with my new special cam and all.. Im sure the more tricks you do, the more treats you will get πŸ˜›

THEN ( as if meeting up with 1 lady isnt enough who shares the fetish )

In the evening were going for drinks with Dishlem who is a buyer from Mups πŸ˜€ Totally cant wait!!!!!! Gonna have to have several pictures me thinks πŸ˜€

Then on Wed im sure after recovering from Tues, Im gonna be meeting Dishlem up london for dinner, ill be wearing my batman satin pair of panties for him on tues night while we dance the night away, and then on wed all day till the evening, Have a lovely meal, several laughs im sure and will sneak off into the loo to wrap up the pair and hand give them to him wrapped up.

Im pretty fucking excited to tell you the truth, and the idea of hand giving anyone my panties is pretty immense to me. Its such an intimate thing … i usually have a lil process i do at home too so it will be weird like. walking into the toilets and whipping them off and then going home at the end of the night with no panties. hmm perhaps ill bring a spare pair hahahaha. Usually after ive worn a pair, ill seal them up with my vacuum sealer and then wrap them up in tissuepaper , then tie them with ribbon, Then make them a hand made card then pop it all in an envelop but.. i guess i wont need an envelope… ill just have to wrap them up…. But will he go to the toilet like right away with them? will he wait and savour them till he is at home? lol or maybe ill just drag him into the toilets with me and let him peel them off πŸ˜›

So after my 2 eventful days off, I can only assume ill be taking lots of pictures and videos with my new shiny cam * strokes * haha

well its time I get back to work.. well the shops dead so perhaps a quick fingering session in the toilet as im still soaked from earlier and then back to work πŸ˜›


new order :D

So i have a new pair of panties that I purchased the other day and a new bra and panties set that i got today. I Had ordered some stuff online and it was too big, so i returned it in the store and i saw these panties and then the bra and i just knew they had to come home with me. They are the most expensive pair I think I have purchased… but oh my they are so damn hot!!!!! They are a black silk and lycra with a beautiful design on the bra and panties… gah i cant wait till i have no orders so i can wear them.. BUT – here is a sneaky peak at what they look like on!
and here are the others! These are almost like a strechy thickish lycra.. like a bikini bottoms or something…. but HOLY SHIT are they comfy ( so much so i got 2 paris so i can keep one! ) .. totally think i have a thing for polka dots haha.
So How have you all been? Good I hope! I have been working on my pages each evening trying to do a bit of work. My panty page is now done, thoughΒ my draw seems like it has more in it, so When im off on sunday Im going to just do a count and make sure i havent missed any out or equally if i still have panties up that have been sold.
Aside that I have been working on the gallery. I already have it up and running, im just sorting through all my pics and uploading them on! I have made it a private gallery so only members who sign up with wordpress and who i give permission to can view it, so a member can sign up, and get access, and once the month(s) are up, i he doesn’t renew it, then ill remove the person and the he wont be able to see it πŸ™‚
It will be lauched once all my current images are all up and the pages are all done and in place, and if i time it right, i will be able to launch it at some point next month to celebrate my YEAR of selling.. !!!!!

Lily’s Panties

Lily’s Panties!

So i just wanted to take aΒ  moment to direct some of my friends and traffic over to my friend Lily!

Lily is such a caring soul and her panties are So sexy! She’s been doing alot of DIY around the house lately, and boy has she been working up a sweat! I bet her current panties shes wearing smell AMAZING!

oh, but dont take my word for it! Take a look at these :

Lily is by far one of my favourite sellers, Not only is she active, sexy AND charming, she is promt with contacting serious buyers, she listens to what the buyer wants and produces a pair of panties perfect for him. Lily is also Panty Trust Verified, so you can buy with confidence when dealing with her.

So why not go check out her siteΒ  atΒ http://www.nicethings1983.com

or visit her blog at http://nicethings1983.blogspot.com/?zx=f9640d3d684f5655

weekend blog

hey all!

Hope your having a lovely weekend so far!

I have been SO crazy busy lately, and oh have I been enjoying me some panties! haha.

These just looked to yummy not to share with you! hahaΒ  πŸ˜€ I just know he will love them!

I have been really tired lately, so i do appologise for the lack of updates, haha dont get me wrong, i dont have something good to say everyday but every now and then something happens and its good to update about it.

I guess for this post the main update is about MUPS, or myusedpantystore.com. It really is, hands down the best community for buying and selling used items. I have been a member almost a year at the start of next month. The year has flown by. I have recently been volunteering at the site and at panty trust which has been alot of fun. It’s great to be a part of something bigger. Alot of the ladies im now working with have been doing it YEARS and its nice to have people who know what there doing and how to treat their customers and guiding others.

Ross has also started volunteering, He was my first customer and were great friends, and after we started volunterring, we made a group on the site called Mups Chat. The site itself has a chatroom that in my opinion doesn’t get used as often as it should… until recently πŸ˜€

We have started doing hosted chats so that there is both a male and female in there to ” attract ” other sellers and buyers into coming along and getting to know one another. Hosting several themed evenings like ” kink night ” and ” newbie night “. We had 16 people in the chat room the other night, it was amazing! haha lots of webcams on and lots of encouragement from viewers!

The other update is about my sales. I have been fully booked the past 3 months now, haha by the time i finish my que, it builds back up again, so thankyou to all the patient men that are now enjoying my panties :D. I hope to hear from you soon on if you enjoyed them! πŸ˜€

ALSO I plan on opening a members gallery. At the moment i just have a mini gallery where I know alot of you go and enlarge my pictures SO, figured you might like to join and become a member and see alot more of me.. as in.. ALL of me.

The members gallery will be a 1month subscription, The fee is still undecided but it will contain HUNDREDS of pictures of me, ranging from full body shots, close up pussy shots, creampie shots, shaved pussy shots, hairy pussy shots, masturbation, nipple play, breasts shots, face shots, feet shots, panty shots, ass shots, Pee shots, Scat shots.. penelope in costumes like her maid outfit, bondage tape and nipple tassles, even NEVER SEEN BEFORE pictures. Basicaly YOU name it and it will be up there. There will be new pages avaliable to these members where they can go to specific genres of pictures and look at them all as much as they desire. Pretty much EVERY single picture I have ever taken will be up there for these members to view and save. Not to mention everytime I have a sale and i take pictures for that sale, they will get updated straight away to the site and you will be propted when new images arrive.

concidering the average lady charges say Β£2 a picture, for 20 pictures thats Β£40 straight away Now imagine paying say Β£50 for over 500 pictures? Most of them bigger then 1000×1000! For men that enjoy my body, this will be perfect as there will even be a request page. where once you have subscribed for 3 months or longer, you can simply request pictures you want and ill upload them! That way ensuring you get to see what youw ant to see!

So hence why my pictures are down at the moment, im watermarking all of the panties and then getting together a private gallery.

well, there my huge updates. Payday soon EEE, i need to go do some panty shopping, And london ladies wish to go panty shopping with me? Would be a great day out! hahaha


Your thoughts on my new layout? – Comments please πŸ™‚

Fun day off!

Hey Readers, Been having some fun in Alasdairs Leopard Print panties but heres a lil pic of me enjoying Ians ;x Do you guys like seeing these kind of pics? Perhaps ill make a really large gallery you can sign upto as i have HUNDREDS of pictures like this from when i take pictures for you!

So my day was busy but fun. A Friend Ross was telling be about these Ben Wa balls? I could wear them at work and get soaking so i took a look and was soooooo excited to get a new toy. I was hoping I could find something i could put inside me for the day to help drench my panties, perhaps see how many times i could cum in them!

I know alot of my customers would be interested in a days wear of panties where i have been soaking all day!! So with that in mind i saw this 10 speed vibrating egg with a remote control!

I just know im going to have SO much fun wearing this bad boy on a pair of panties, so cant wait for that to come!

Also i ordered these pretty nail varnises from amazon that i got with some of these vouchers!

They are SO cute and i cant wait to wear them. It will have to be on my feet untill my panty game is over so im sure once they arrive ill post up a lil pic. Any requests what colour?

I also got 2 Tigi Hair products for when i do my hair. As some of you may know im actually a qualified hairdresser so im always changing my hair and making sure its in good condition. Its naturally curly but i dont like it so i straighten it so I got 2 products to help take that frizz and product it agains the heat etc.

Im Now booked up till the end of the month. Im really sorry as part of me feels bad but, all my customers are getting a great service and I encourage any of them that arn’t mailing me, pop me an email while your waiting! ill keep you entertained and will communicate with you while your waiting and even after, though i will admit i have been super busy, I will still email back!

Well, Off to carry on with my site tutorials!

LOVE TO YOU ALL πŸ™‚ – Comments are loved! x

Update :D

Hey all readers, How are we?

It’s weird when i write my posts, I always wonder who is going to read them – if anyone. Over the (almost) year I have been selling panties I have only ever had a few subscriptions to my blog so I know people read it. But never many comments. A new welsh friend on twitter reads it.. haha As he always Im’s me several minutes later complimenting the picture i put up etc.

A part of me would love to do like a pic every day and a blog update everyday.. but.. don’t get me wrong, i think im pretty cool, but not interesting enough to blog everyday and i just don’t have the time! Perhaps i need to make the time!

I put alot of me into my site. So its not just Hardcore sales. Yes i push my sales but nowhere near as much as i could. I try and be myself on here, and after recently helping a new member on panty trust with her site, she even said that my site is very unique and its very me! πŸ˜€

I have several things lined up at the moment. I’m currently working on my new site. Its still going to be penelopespanties.com, Though a friend / panty fan has decided to host me! He has been a Gem with setting me up with his hosting and at the end of it, will have a lovely custom made layout That i designed ( but he is doing all the hard work making it into a bespoke Theme ), along with my very own e commerce shopping cart so I will be able to take more methods of payment. I always think it makes it look more professional having a shopping cart. Its easier then forms that i have up currently, so will be excited to have a play and get that all going!

Once the new bespoke theme is up, ill be adding some new pages. I already have up a free Gallery. was thinking of adding a more X rated gallery, Perhaps ill do a membership, where you can pay a fee and get to see uncensored close up pictures of.. well, everything! Ill add new content and it will be pretty much every picture I have ever taken for my site / sales and then some! What do you think?

Also, doing offers have increased my sales and my wearing calender! For 2 months I have been fully booked! How great is that?! The current offers will be ending and new offers will go up instead. Don’t worry, there will be something for everyone πŸ™‚ My que is till the 21st now! At the moment im doing a group competition at MUPS. Each week i paint my nails a colour out of over 30 nail varnishes. All the groups members gets to comment and guess what colour im wearing, If they do, they get FREE PANTIES πŸ˜€ haha. Have been doing it for almost 3 weeks! We have had 2 lucky winners in the last 2 weeks, so lets hope someone has guessed the colour this week or it will roll over!

I really want to give more love into my site. As of late, I make the majority of my sales via http://www.myusedpantystore. (( For any upcoming seller who is reading this JOIN! It will be the best thing you ever did! )) So what with my new layout to come and some new features and pages, I hope to get more panty fans soon! Perhaps join some other panty blogs so we can all comment each other.

I have alsoΒ  been helping out A new panty trust member build a website. It was pretty fun showing her how to do things and i know she was trying hard to remember it all so fingers crossed she carrys on with her hard effort and has a lovely blog to show for it.

I have finished taking all the screen shots for the basic website tutorial. I have about 60 ish screen shots that i need to go back over, circle and ring and label before i upload them and then write the actual tutorial! I could be really vague and then have more people ask questions. This guide is for a complete novice. Someone with no concept of how to make a website will be able to follow my guide! ( I hope ). Then once its up I can go into more detail with tips and tricks etc. Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

well im off out this evening so time to shower and get ready. Im wearing some special panties this evening, So im looking forward to dancing around in them and having alot of fun, on and off the dance floor!!! πŸ˜€


The fun I have been having!

Hey all,

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been very busy with my panty wearing que. Speaking to buyers and Helping out at Panty Trust πŸ™‚


Both these panties went to different homes of some of my favourite panty men!

Im still booked up till the 10th september! But dont worry, I still have plenty of panties for you πŸ˜› xx

Panty Que

Hello all, So some of you may of seen I have added a panty calender to my site πŸ™‚

I have been so swamped with taking pictures and wearing panties lately so figured id like to keep all my lovely customers in the know and let them know when ill be wearing for them πŸ˜€

Pen’s Panty Wearing Calender


12th – 17th
Purple Silk Thong for Jonathan

Hello Cupcake boyshorts for Samantha

19th – 23rd
Suprise pair of panties for David

24th – 28th
Another Suprise pair for David

29th – 30th
Black Thong for Christopher


31st – 1st
Pink Chiffron Hotpants for Christopher

lilac lycra fullbacks for Iain

3rd – 4th
winner of pens panty games

5th – 7th
satin leopard print panties for Alasdair

blue satin panties for panty lover G

blue satin pantiespink mesh with felt panties for panty lover G

** I run the que on on a first come first serve / first buy, wear next basis.Β  As of late I have had a bit of a que, and hate upsetting customers and asking them to wait, By knowing who is in the que and paid already, i can give you, and the rest of my customers an exact date of when i will be in your panties, and not worry about holding the que up. Thankyou for understanding **


Below are 2 special offers. To purchase either of them please use the built in order form for this post! Any questions just contact me @ penelopesusedpanties@ymail.com

Check out my waiting list on the side!

Penelopes BOGOF
(buy one get one free)

Yes gentlemen ( and ladies ) The time has come for PEN’s BOGOF offer to start!

How it works:

As the offer is buy one get one free, you choose 2 pairs of panties you like, you pay for 1 pair from the offers below and the 2nd pair is worn with the same offer FOR FREE!


Please Click here to pick out 2 pairs of my lovely panties

Now please choose which offer you want :

1 day / 24 hours worn – 5 pictures = Β£10
2 days / 48 hours worn – 10 pictures = Β£20
3 days / 72 hours worn – 10 pictures = Β£25
4 days / 96 hours worn – 20 Pictures = Β£35
5 days / 120 hours wear DIRTY PANTIES SPECIAL! – 40 pictures – Β£45


The 2 pairs you choose will be worn one after the other.
Please message me first if there are specific pairs you want. I try my best to keep the panties updated when they are sold.

Please also check if you want your panties quickly if I have a que.
There will be an indication of my panty wearing diary on my profile πŸ™‚

Payment to be made via Alertpay Please πŸ™‚


2 Pairs of Pen’s Panties for just Β£10!
Here it is, It’s what you all voted for!!

Any 2 pairs of my panties of YOUR CHOICE for just Β£10!

Short And sweet πŸ™‚

Please Click here to pick out 2 pairs of my lovely panties


The 2 pairs you choose will be worn one after the other.
Please message me first if there are specific pairs you want. I try my best to keep the panties updated when they are sold.
Please also check if you want your panties quickly if I have a que.
Payment to be made either via ALERTPAY or Bank transfer please.

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